“Wisdom is indeed better than rubies” as Solomon says, “and all the things

that may be desired are not to be compared to it,” Prov. 8:11. The major

source of it is the Divine who gives it to men especially if they ask for it, James

1:5. But not everyone desires it Prov. 1:7.

When God created Adam and located him in the Garden of Eden, Gen. 2:15, He

gave him wisdom, to lead the entire human creation and the resources to

accomplish the task. But Adam submitted to the deception of satan and the

“wisdom” of his wife, Gen. 3:6, 12. God was not impressed because Adam had

abandoned the Wisdom from Above. He cursed him along with the other

culprits-satan the evil one, and Eve who was supposed to be his Helper but had

become his liability.

Which means if God gives you wisdom you must treasure it. A wise man would

never have crossed the boundary, which God had set for him, by submitting to

his wife’s sentiments. More so that it was the man to whom God gave clear

instructions on the use of the resources of the Garden of Eden, and the

consequence of its misuse, Gen. 2:15-17.

When God asked Solomon, at the beginning of his reign, to ask what he

wanted Him to do for him. In humility he asked for wisdom, to enable him rule

the kingdom justly. In response God gave him what he asked for “a wise and

“understanding heart…,” In addition God gave him riches and honour which he

did not ask for, I Kings 3:13.

In addition as God never forgot the love and loyalty of David his father He

blessed him far beyond his expectations but He added a caveat-he must walk

in His ways. Otherwise He would not grant him long life, I Kings 3:14

As He would do for an obedient servant God fulfilled His promises. He made

him the wisest and most successful king in his generation, I Kings 4:21-34 but

when he offended him on account of his lifestyle, I Kings 11:1-8 God decided to

ignore His own portion of His covenant with him, relating to the perpetuity of

the House of David on the throne, I Kings 11:11-13, Ps. 89:20-29.

So, as a believer, how do you walk in wisdom? No human being is really wise.

Wisdom comes from God, Ps. 136:5. Therefore to walk in wisdom is to be like

Jesus. He is the son of God and was wise from childhood, Luke 2:45-49. The

Father was in Him and He was in the father, John 14:10 – you cannot really

separate one from the other. Jesus is the power and wisdom of God, I Cor.


(b) You must be humble, I Kings 3:7-9. Jesus is the son of God but He never

used His status to oppress anyone Phil 2:5-11. Rather He willingly

suffered persecution in the hands of those he created, John 1:1-5

although He was aware, well is advance, of the humiliation and pain that

awaited Him on the cross, Matt. 26:1-2. Yet He submitted to the will of

the Father for your sake and mine.

(c) As a believer you must be prayerful. When challenges arise you should

accept in faith that God would not abandon you, I Cor. 10:13. Even when

Shadrack, Meshack and Abednigo were confronted with violent death

they never gave in to credible threats and hostile actions by

Nebuchadnezzer. God saved them even when they had resigned to their


Finally you must obey and serve Him consistently knowing that in the place of

assignment He will grant you wisdom and understanding, to execute the task

or tasks as He did for Aaron, Exodus 28:1-3.