The Sovereignty And Power of God  Deut. 32:39

To inquire about the origin of God is to ask an impossible or insolent question.

Why? Because, unlike human beings, He has no parentage. So you simply

cannot trace His source, Isaiah 40:28, Ps. 145:3.

What does He look like? Another impossible question. No one can see His face

and live, Ex. 33:20. In any case He is a spirit. And spirits are not visible to the

naked eye. They do not appear on x-ray or scan. Moreover while spirits can

travel in incredible speed, over vast distances, humans are rather limited by their

bulky frame, and by gravity. So, they can only be in one place at a time but God

sits on His throne in heaven while His feet touch the earth! Isaiah 66:1

Humans live in time. God lives in eternity.

i. What we know about Him is what He says through the mouth of His

Prophets, Ex. 3:14, Isaiah 43:11-13

ii. And what Jesus revealed about Him in unmistakable terms, saying to all

who care to listen:

…Have I been such a long time with you, and yet

has thou not known me, Philip? He that hath seen

me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou

then, shew us the Father

Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the

Father in me? The words that I speak unto you I

speak not of myself but the Father that dwelleth in

me, he doeth the works, John 14:9-10.

Jesus was, of course, not speaking about the physical attributes of God

but His spirituality, John 5:17, Jer. 9:23-24 and Gal. 5:22-23.

iii. His created works also speak for Him. The visible universe testifies to

His matchless intelligence and unrivalled inventive prowess. How come

we have the billions of stars, suns, moons and the rest, all moving along

defined orbits. Sometimes some of the stars collide but then new

heavenly bodies arise, an indication that the creative process is endless.

Obviously the laws of nature were not invented by man. So they are not

subject to modification by parliamentary, judicial or executive review.

They were a vital part of the original design and construction by the

Maker who alone can tamper with them for a purpose, Joshua 10:12-14

He made fish to swim, not fly. He made birds to fly so He gave them

wings. He designed land animals to walk or run, not fly. As for man they

are made to walk or run, although with the aid of machines they can now


His Sovereignty And Power

He had always existed and was never created by anyone or any force. He is the

original majesty whose independence of thought and action was never, and has

never been, subject to anyone’s supervision or approval. Which is why He

could say, with finality, “I am that I am”. The “human majesties” are severely

limited by time while He is ageless. Even spirits, which are not subject to death,

will eventually perish if they rebel against Him, Rev. 20:10.

Is there anything God cannot do? He who created time, can reverse time, by

directing the sun to move backwards rather than continue its forward

movement, Isaiah 38:5-8. He changes times and seasons. Dan. 2:20-22. No one

can query Him. When He says there is no god other than Him He is actually


I have made the earth, and created man on it. I,

even my hands, have stretched out the heavens.

And all their hosts have I commanded, Isaiah


He was emphasizing His autonomy and unlimited power. He can, if He wants,

bury his enemies alive. Num. 16: 11-35, or sentence a king to a slow, agonizing

death, in the presence of his subjects, Acts 12:20-23.

Yet by nature God is merciful and gracious Ex. 34:6-7. He ignored the doubt of

Abraham’s wife, Sarah, when He promised to end her barrenness within a year.

He delivered as promised because He is bound by His Word, Gen. 18:9-15.

Similarly the Shunammite Woman doubted God when He promised to end her

long-term childlessness but He stood by his Word. He is always faithful,

2Kings 4:13-17, Isaiah 55:11. But God was not going to tolerate unbelief from

His own priest, Zacharia’s. He gave Him a slap on the wrist although He could

very well have punished Him more severely, Lk. 1:13-22.

Still on His capacity to show mercy, even to those who do not deserve it, God

can overlook the disloyalty of a disciple and turn him to a divine powerhouse in

the church, Acts 5:14-15.

He remade the self confessed Chief sinner (I Tim. 1:14-15) to a mighty apostle

who turned the Roman “world upside down”, healing the sick, casting out

demons, preaching Christ to Gentiles and Jews alike, Acts 17:5-6, Acts 16:16-


There is certainly no limit to God’s power as David confirmed from experience,

Ps. 139:1-16. He can turn a madman to an evangelist, Mk. 5:1-20, or if He so

wishes, sit at table with a friend who had earlier spent 4 days in the grave, his

body feasted on by worms, John 12:1-2. Once upon a time He rewarded the

consistent loyalty and obedience of a human being with a gift which is the envy

of generations unborn, Gen. 22:15-18. Luke 16:22.

Such is the scope of His power that He can rain hailstones on His enemies or

use destructive insects to discipline disobedient believers, Joel 2:25.

Yet His actions are never arbitrary nor His thoughts ill-motivated. When He

says “I will have mercy or whom I will have mercy” He does not imply that just

anyone, including the most obdurate sinner, would receive favour. The

unrepentant robber on the Cross never did, whereas the other one, who

confessed his crime and asked for pardon, received immediate, direct access to

heaven Lk. 23:39-43. He can allow satan to sift the believer, to test his faith, but

He would put a limit to how far the devil can go, to preserve the life of His

beloved, Job 1:11-12, Job 2:4-6,

God is truly awesome.