KAYKAY FELLOWSHIP MONTHLY OUTLINE  Theme: From Darkness To Light – The Ministry of Deliverance  And Salvation, Matt. 4:16

At the timeless beginning, before the foundation of the world, Matt. 13:35

there was no darkness at all, only light because the person in existence is God,

who is Light, 1 John 1:5-7. Even the first set of beings He created reflected His

glory, the physical and spiritual light that shone all over the universe.

Indeed the fellow who later became the progenitor of darkness, Lucifer, was

originally an angel of light which is why He was the great conductor and

organizer of the mass choir in the heavenly sanctuary. The unique material with

which this “anointed cherub” created is a reflection of God’s matchless

ingenuity and unrivalled wisdom, Ezek. 28:13-14, Rom. 11:33.

But Lucifer overreached himself, following the adulation of the angelic host,

and possibly the creator Himself, on account of his outstanding musical

performance at the sanctuary. He attempted to unseat God, which is treason,

whether in heaven or on earth, Isaiah 14:12-14. The consequence, an archangel

of God exchanged his light for darkness. So also were his supporters, one third

of the angelic host, who along with satan, his new name, were driven out of

heaven, to languish in the earth, Rev. 12:3-4, 7-10, Luke 10:17-18 which is

why, when God decided to create man He had to shed His light on the earth, for

at two reasons.

(i) To provide a conducive atmosphere for man so that he can survive and grow

(ii) To limit the powers of darkness to at least give man a choice – to grow

accept the obedience and discipline offered by the creator or the deceptive

life of ease offered by satan, Gen. 2:15-17; Gen. 3:1-5

As soon as Adam gave in to satanic trickery he and His descendants, in effect,

submitted themselves to darkness, which distanced them from God and His

saving Grace.

They needed a deliverer.

The deliverer is Jesus, the light from heaven John 8:12, the one who came to

shine His light into the darkness in our lives. His manifesto makes this clear,

Lk. 4:18

Satan recognized the fact that the birth of Christ was a new development, one

that would put an end to His position as the Prince of this World, the source of

darkness, John 12:31. His reaction to the news of the birth of the Prince of

Peace, Isaiah 9:6, was to attempt to kill him even before His reign began. He

failed utterly, Matt. 2:1-12.

The second attempts was the Temptation. The three satanic

suggestions/commands were a foolish attempt to make Christ to submit to his

authority. Jesus was hungry, after fasting for 40 days and forty nights, but He

would not turn stone to bread to satisfy His hunger – that would simply hand

over victory to the evil one.

The next temptation was a command, that Jesus should worship him in

exchange for the kingdoms of this world, which he said, had been delivered to

him. Jesus would not worship this false king.

The third temptation was designed to make Jesus jump down from a mountain

top on the assumption that the Father would send His angels to rescue Him.

Jesus rebuked him Luke 4:1-13

The devil was not satisfied as He waited for other opportunity, at a later date, to

achieve his objective.

One way of terminating the Jesus ministry was to use Peter, a leading Disciple,

to persuade Jesus to rethink the idea of going to Jerusalem, to suffer and be

killed, even if He would resurrect on the third day. That was the purpose of His

mission to the world, to deliver and save those who believe Him, John 3:16-17.

Satan knew that if Jesus was crucified even, if unjustly, He would be a victor

and His glory would be eternal while the devil would be the loser, I John 3:8-9;

Matt. 16:21-23. But Jesus understood what He was up to and warned Peter not

to submit to his tricks as Adam did to his eternal regret, Gen. 3:23-24.

We are all beneficiaries of His divine focus, His determined progression to

Jerusalem, despite His foreknowledge of His suffering and shame on the cross.

After His resurrection He turned His disciples, including you and me, into the

light of the world that darkness cannot withstand. Which is why event today the

Gospel message still heals the sick and delivers the oppressed, to the shame of

satan, I John 3:8.

He gave us power to pray in His name and receive whatever we ask for

provided we do so in faith, John 16:23-24

He reconciled us to the Father so that we may not perish but enjoy His company

now and in eternity, Rom. 5:9-11 while the evil one and his followers wallow in

the Lake of fire forever, Rev. 20:10, 14