Immanuel College Chapel 2019 Revival  Theme: God Is Able, Eph. 3:20

Most christians take it for granted that being a consistent worshipper and student of

the bible is all it takes to attain eternal life. But the Apostles Paul admonishes

believers to periodically examine themselves to ensure that they are still in the faith

2Cor. 13:5. And one way of doing that is through revivals and crusades. Which is why

the Immanuel College of Theology and its worship arm, The Chapel, organizes

Revivals and Crusades, to reenergize its own internal christian community spiritually,

now and then, and to win souls for Christ – “the other sheep I have which are not of

this fold…” John 10:16.

And so the college and chapel collaboratively organized a three-day revival from

November 17 to November 19, 2019, using radio, handbills and extensive personal

contacts with neighbouring communities in Ibadan.

The location was the College grounds with its close proximity to the University of

Ibadan, the Dominican Institute and the sprawling Agbowo community.

The crowds came, all 595 of them, hungry for the word of God. And the revivalists?

The Rt Revd S.A Adegbite, Methodist Bishop of Owo, a gifted evangelist.

Every believer takes it for granted that God is able to do the impossible at least so we

all profess Ps. 62:11. In reality though, when the challenges of life rear their heads not

many men of faith can stand. Some even ask whether God is still on the throne or he

has taken a leave of absence, Ps. 10:1, Ps. 73:1-14.

These are some of the issues the Bishop set out to address. His ultimate task was to

assure christians that (a) God is good (b) He is still on the throne. He is with us and He

even lives in us, because He is a spirit (c) His capacity to do and undo is unrivalled

which is why He makes a mockery of satanic trickery time and again, Mk. 5:1-20 (d)

He is a loving and caring Father from whose heart, compassion and deliverance flow

to those who do not even ask or plead for his attention Lk. 13:10-17 (e) He

nevertheless neutralizes the unrepentant sinners, including those who rebel against His

anointed, Num. 16:23-34 or target them for elimination, not just in the biblical times

but even today.

So God is able to do what no one else can do. The One who created the universe out

of nothing, and keeps it within His control, has unlimited power to do and undo.

Abraham and Sarah were childless right into old age when it appeared as if they were

barren for life. But God intervened, restoring hope when He promised them a son,

who would carry on the family line as Abraham’s heir, Gen. 15:1-5, Gen. 18:9-10. It

did not matter that Sarah laughed due to unbelief. God had promised, and He restored

her womb at the age of 90, Gen. 18:14; Gen. 21:1-2.

The Bishop looked down from the pulpit at the congregation of 595, half of whom are

trainee-priests, and declared, emphatically, that they must have faith in this God who

is able to reverse the irreversible.

In the Old Testament period He raised the dead twice using Elijah the Prophet, I Kings

17:22-24, and Prophet Elisha 2Kings 4:32-37. In The New Testament Era Jesus raised

the son of the Widow of Nain Lk. 7:11-15, Jairus’ daughter, Lk. 8:41-42, 49-56,

Lazarus, John 11:39-44 while Peter brought Dorcas back to life, Acts 9:36:41.

There were many more recorded miracles throughout the bible showing that God is

supreme, a clear proof that what He has not done is what He would not do. There is

no created person that is not beset by one challenge or the other but God has promised

to be with you and give you the enablement to overcome 1 Cor. 10:13.

The Bishop then decreed as follows:

 If you are stagnant in your ministry or in your profession or business you will

move forward in the name of Jesus.

 If you are beset by sickness the Lord will lay hands on you and you will recover

 Every gang up against you will be nullified by the power of the Resurrection.

 The bible says those who trust in Him will not be put to shame, Isaiah 54:4. But

you must have confidence in Him, the kind of confidence that flows from faith,

unrelenting faith, Heb. 11:6. Don’t ever give up, whatever may be the nature of

your problem, James 4:7. With God delay is not denial.

 If however you do not receive an answer, after persistent prayer it may well be that

you have asked amiss, Jam. 4:3 or , indeed, what you are asking for may, if

granted, do you more harm than good. Otherwise God will stand by His promise,

which is to answer your prayers and reward your faith John. 16:23-24.

This is one revival that no one who attended it will forget in a hurry. The venue was

the campus of the Immanuel College of Theology. The members of the chapel, the

Postulants, the Lecturers all of whom are senior ministers, all felt blessed. The

revivalist himself Bishop Adegbite after three consecutive days of ministration,

although physically tired, was nevertheless glowing with satisfaction knowing that

weeks of preparation had produced results.

Towards the end of the revival a dozen outsiders came forward and gave their lives to

Christ. Most of them are now members of the Chapel and are being shepherded by the

Chaplain and Members of the Mission Team.

Indeed God Is Able! Even Demons who are typically around such venues, unseen,

seeking to cause havoc, must have departed in shame! They had nothing to do. They

had been rendered impotent.