When The Heavens Are Closed – What To Do, Haggai 1:9-11 By Dr. Biodun Sotunmbi

The Bible sometimes refers to heaven as heavens, Gen. 2:1, 4. Any difference between the two? On its face value they are one and the same entity. However a closer look indicates that heavens refers to the heavenly bodies, I Chro. 16:26 while heaven is the seat of God, Luke 10:18, all of which were created by the Most High Himself, Ps. 115:16.


“Wisdom is indeed better than rubies” as Solomon says, “and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it,” Prov. 8:11. The major source of it is the Divine who gives it to men especially if they ask for it, James 1:5. But not everyone desires it Prov. 1:7.


By way of definition a word is the unit of language but in biblical terms the Word is the Gospel Message. In theological terms the Word is God Himself. It is also His begotten son, Jesus Christ the Saviour, John 1:1-3

The God of Covenant, Gen. 9:15-17

A covenant is an agreement between two parties but it is not just a verbal agreement. It is a legal one as each side has obligations which must be faithfully implemented.

The Problem of Evil Inheritance And How To Overcome It

Inheritance may be whatever has been passed down by ancestors to future generations or descendants. It may be both physical, namely property or riches, Lev. 20:22-24, Lk 15:11-13. It may very well be physical and spiritual, the kind of inheritance which may be the lot of even children of God. This kind of heritage is for the present and the future, Matt. 19:29.

The Healing Anointing, Matt. 1:10 By Biodun Sotunmbi

To anoint is to consecrate a person for Holy office for a special service. The Anointor is God Himself although He normally delegates His servant to perform the task. It was Moses that God instructed to anoint Aaron and his sons for priestly office, Exodus, 28:1, 29:5-7. The process involves the pouring of sacred oil on the head of the person anointed, a symbol of the flow of authority from the heavenly sanctuary.